Development trend of numerical control technology

  • 2.1 High speed and high precision

    The so-called high speed refers to CNC machine tool technology for analysis cutting and interpolation feed high speed, the purpose of high speed is to go on the basis of accurate processing, to improve the speed of enterprise processing; and high precision is CNC machine tools can achieve with high card payment providers positioning accuracy, to achieve the requirements of higher resolution, etc.. As the quality of life and efficiency is the main body of manufacturing, high speed and high precision not only we can improve the quality of their products by improving, but also can effectively shorten the social production and operation cycle, thus effectively improve the efficiency of work. In recent years our country with the development of high speed and high precision of the economy change trend, the speed of machine tools very obviously improved, such as turning and milling speed up to 5000 ~ 8000m / min level, precision management, ultra-precision machining methods precision reached the nanometer level.

    2.2 Intelligence

    Intelligence is to make intelligent equipment cnc milling service like human beings with the ability to deal with various problems by gathering various intelligent technologies. Intelligent in CNC is reflected in the following aspects: first, the pursuit of processing quality and processing efficiency of intelligent, actual production, due to a variety of unknown factors, machine tools are difficult to use the best parameters to complete cutting, with intelligent CNC machine tools can adjust their own cutting parameters to achieve the best cutting; second, to improve the drive performance and connection convenience of intelligent, such as adaptive calculation of motor parameters, the Feed-forward control, etc.; third, the diagnosis and monitoring of intelligent, can be in the machine when the problem, immediately stop, and alarm. Fourth, the operation and programming of intelligent, such as automatic programming, and human-machine interface intelligence.

    2.3 High reliability

    For students for a long time in an unmanned s17+ antminer operation of the CNC technology system, its reliability is a more research concern of people's lives, in order to further improve the reliability of China's CNC equipment, often need to use the following ways and means: the first method, can effectively improve the integration of travel lines, through the enterprise using integrated circuit approach to reduce the number of external connections and devices; the second method , establish their own set of quality and safety assurance system system from design to production, such as input and output optoelectronic isolation, anti-power interference, the standardization of the CNC system, in the manufacture of the device structure for more strict screening, comprehensive performance assessment of the work system reliability; the third is to increase the fault self-diagnosis and protection of the environment function, so that the CNC system construction with different fault self-diagnosis main function, can get timely Show fault, easy to quickly remove obstacles, to avoid damage to the machine and workpiece.

    2.4 Openness

    For the traditional CNC system, due to its closed nature, the products of various manufacturers are not compatible, and the general-purpose computer is not compatible. As a result, maintenance and upgrades become difficult. For this situation, there is a developmental CNC system, which can run between different platforms, can work with other systems, provides a unified user interaction style, and has the characteristics of portability, scalability, interoperability and interchangeability. The development system has a flexible hardware and software architecture that allows for changes in hardware configuration and changes in software at the control level. The control system is in the development stage.

    3 Summary

    With the wide application of CNC technology in China's industrial production, China's manufacturing power and competitiveness in the international market has been significantly enhanced. At present, China is in the primary stage of socialism, the manufacturing industry is relatively weak, and developed countries have a large gap. We should follow the trend of the development of CNC technology, and the development of CNC technology on a priority development status, to provide good conditions for its development, so as to catch up with the development speed of developed countries, and take a place in the international market competition.

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