Eczema 5 big misconceptions


    1, eczema children with dry skin allergies, should not bathe

    Eczema is not because "too wet", but precisely because the skin moisture loss dry, causing damage to the skin barrier.

    And eczema baby skin is prone to bacterial 初生奶粉colonization, not bathing more likely to breed bacteria, bathing can flush off the skin surface bacteria, viruses, allergens, and effective replenishment of moisture.

    Correct practice.

    Give your baby a bath every day or every other day. The bath water should not be too hot (<40°C), but as low as possible to help stop the itching (you can try the temperature with the back of your own hand).

    Shower or tub can be, bath time should not be too long, BB皮膚敏感5-10 minutes on the line. When the skin is significantly dry, you should reduce the number of bath products used, but do not use soap.

    When selecting a body wash, you should choose a neutral or weakly acidic body wash that does not contain fragrance, choose a tear-free formula (Tear-Free) with as few preservatives as possible, and do not use it where skin is damaged.

    Remember to moisturize immediately after bathing within 3 minutes!

    2, eczema children with sensitive skin, can not apply anything

    One of the reasons for the onset of eczema is a defect in the skin's natural barrier and insufficient moisturizing ability.

    The use of moisturizers can increase bb便便the water content of the skin and enhance the skin barrier function. Therefore, skin moisturization is a key part of treating eczema. Mild eczema in particular can improve with the application of proper moisturizing products.

    Correct approach.

    Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

    Use moisturizing milk/cream at least 2 times a day, especially after bathing and lightly drying, you should apply moisturizer to your baby immediately to reduce moisture loss.

    Try to choose a thicker cream texture and avoid using thinner milk and water.

    3, hormone creams have too many side effects to use

    Topical topical glucocorticoids are the first line of treatment for eczema and can effectively relieve itching and reduce the colonization of bacteria on the skin. But you should also use moisturizing products at the same time.

    Correct approach.

    Choose the right strength of hormone for your baby under the advice of your doctor, which is usually a moderate to weak hormone, such as 1% hydrocortisone, 0.1% hydrocortisone butyrate, dexamethasone, Eudragitol, Elocon, etc. Emollients are also used to dilute the hormone cream properly.

    The correct and reasonable use of hormone creams is safe, economical and effective, and must be used in a full course and amount as prescribed by the doctor.

    The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

    4, non-hormonal topical medication is not hormonal cream

    If a drug is very effective in treating eczema, even if the ingredients are not specified, you should be highly suspicious that it has hormones!

    Correct approach.

    Do not believe in a variety of partial prescriptions, aunts and uncles old herbalists recommended, eczema serious to go to a regular hospital for timely medical attention.

    5, eczema will be good when you are older, now endure do not use drugs it

    Although most eczema will ease on its own with age, but during the eczema will still itch severely, affecting the baby eating, emotions, sleep and so on. So if you find eczema, you should treat it promptly!

    Correct approach.

    Follow the doctor's instructions to use medication and actively treat!

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