What are the requirements for a sommelier?

  • How to take the sommelier exam?

    For people who like to taste wine, becoming a sommelier may be their dream and an option for their future path. What are the requirements for a sommelier? In this issue, I'd like to discuss with you all about sommeliers.

    There are three levels of sommeliers, namely the third level sommelier (National Vocational Qualification Level 3), the second level sommelier (National Vocational Qualification Level 2), whisky tasting and the first level sommelier (National Vocational Qualification Level 1).

    Sommelier application requirements: have a keen sense of color, vision, smell, taste and the ability to analyze, reason and judge; have the ability to accurately express and calculate. A high school diploma (or equivalent) or higher is also required.

    Second, those who have one of the following conditions can apply for the examination.

    (1) continuously engaged in this occupation for more than 5 years.

    (2) with advanced skills training for the purpose of technical schools, technical colleges and vocational technical colleges or related professional diploma.

    (3) with the major or related professional college degree certificate or above.

    (4) with other professional college degree or above, continuous work in this occupation for more than 1 year.

    (5) with a college degree or above in other disciplines, formal training by the third taster up to the required number of standard hours, and obtain a certificate of completion.

    Generally in the province on behalf of the Wine Industry Association for the commission training, there are corresponding training courses every year. During the training period, the relevant knowledge is introduced, there are primary, intermediate and senior sommelier training handouts, to master a lot of content. Sommelier study takes about 5 days round trip, with a slightly lower cost for beginners and more for advanced, with a total cost of about 3,300 - 4,000 yuan. For details, you can consult the official registration center of our school, which will tell you if there is an intention to run a training course this year, when to do it, how much the approximate cost and other details.

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