Steam account upgrade

  • Steam's account is also leveled. The initial account is level 0. Generally, 28 tasks of community badges will be upgraded to level 3. In the first ten levels, each level requires 100 experience, levels 10 to 11 require 200 XP, and levels 20 to 21 require 300 XP, and so on, each level up to ten requires the same experience.

    There are generally three ways to gain experience. The first is to participate in steam activities. This probability is very small, but the experience value obtained after each participation is very impressive. A badge can have thousands of experiences. Unlike the second method, synthetic badges. Generally synthesizing a badge can get 100XP. The community badge is a good guide to getting started. You can complete the task to get the badge, and then continue to complete it to upgrade the badge. This mode is for players to better understand the trading card.

    When you play a certain game, you will drop the badge card of the game, but you will not drop the full set of cards that synthesize a certain badge. In this way, there is a transaction or exchange between players, there is a market, and you can even Buy Steam Level Up. This mechanism makes the steam community very active, and there are some leisure activities after playing the game. Then the badges you synthesize can generally be upgraded 5 times. Each level of badges is different. Generally, the last level of badges is the best looking. Of course, upgrading the badges will also get an extra 100XP.

    The third way is the least economical. Buying a game, buying a game can gain a little experience, and generally, no one will promote the level up in this way. It is better to choose Buy Steam Level Up directly on the Internet. Professional merchants will directly obtain badges through the badges collected and synthesized by themselves, which will promote your level up. Compared with buying games, this method is the best and fastest.