Cream Jars Manufacturers Introduces The Use Function Of Plastic


    Cream Jars Manufacturers introduced that the material of plastic bottles is usually PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Commonly used in cosmetics container wall thickness cream bottles, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, gaskets, pump heads, dust caps for injection molding; PET bottle blowing two-step molding? Tube blanks are used for injection molding, blown bottle packaging. For other lotion bottles, such as thinner container walls, the wash bottle is blown.

    PET-PET has high transparency, the bottle is flexible, can be squeezed but is harder than PP.

    PP-PP bottles are softer than PET, easier to squeeze, and have lower transparency than PET, so some opaque shampoo bottles are more common (easy to squeeze).

    PE-bottles are basically opaque, not as smooth as PET. Detailed description of OEM packaging materials, a compulsory course for the cosmetics industry!

    Acrylic-thick and hard, most like glass is acrylic.

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