Natural Placemats Are Generally Not As Durable As Synthetic Pla

  •   Choose PU placemat according to the material

      Although many people focus on the complexity of design and size, the material of the placemat is equally important for making the right decision.

      Placemats are made of several different materials, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. They may be divided into two types; natural and synthetic placemats.

      Natural placemats are usually made of natural resources such as plants, minerals, and animals. Cotton, hemp, and linen are some of the materials used to make natural placemats.

      On the other hand, synthetic PU placemat is made from chemical products and petroleum by-products. Rayon, nylon, and polyester are just a few examples. Health risks are usually related to the materials of wire magazine holders, which may not be preferred by many people.

      Natural placemat VS synthetic placemat

      Natural placemats are generally not as durable as synthetic placemats, usually because they prefer natural elements. Both have excellent washing quality and will not wither due to several items of washing.

      One possible benefit of synthetic placemats is cost. They are cheaper than natural fiber placemats without finishes.

      Therefore, if you want to buy a cheap but equally easy-to-use daily dining mat, you may want to choose a synthetic placemat.

      As an example, let us consider an example comparing plastic (man-made) and wooden (natural) placemats. As mentioned earlier, plastic placemats may be more durable than wooden placemats that may break. If possible, they can be wiped clean or cleaned.

      General health hazards are related to plastic or vinyl elements and apply here.

      Therefore, when finally choosing a placemat, you should usually look at the style and the materials used at the same time.

      If you are willing to buy healthier and less risky products, you should choose natural fiber placemats. Moreover, if you want to buy cheaper and more durable products, you should choose synthetic placemats.