When It Comes To Functional And Fashionable Decorative Parts, T

  •   Whether you need warehouse shelves for commercial use or wall-mounted metal shelves for sale for decorating bedrooms, home decor-gift can provide practical and stylish shelf solutions for every application. Before starting a shelving project, please check out our how-to resources, including inspiration guides for closet design, ideas for basement storage, etc. Want to be creative through DIY floating shelves? Check out our operating guide for floating wall shelves. No matter what shelving project you wish to complete, we have the materials, tools, and expertise to help you complete the work.

      Shelving by space

      Use the correct shelf to add storage space to any room. On home decor-gift, we have meticulously planned the collection of shelves classified by room, so that you can easily shop by space. In the "Garage and Organization" section, you will find more robust options, such as stainless steel shelves, durable and independent plastic parts, plastic storage drawers, etc. Do you need a kitchen shelf as a pantry? Check out our kitchen section and you will find various built-in or portable shelf options to store kitchen essentials, such as canned food, cans, pots, etc. We even have office bookshelves, such as bookcases, stepped bookcase units, ladder-type bookshelves, etc.

      Shelve by style

      Maybe you have a specific idea about the appearance of the new shelf. In this case, we make it easy to shop by style. From floating corner racks, umbrella stands suppliers, storage cabinets, and wall-mounted shelves, our choices include many. We even provide the necessities you need to install bookshelves, including floating bookshelf hardware, such as floating bookshelf brackets. Do you need baskets and storage containers to fill the shelves? We also have. From contemporary to traditional, you will find shelving units of various styles and sizes.

      When it comes to functional and fashionable decorative pieces, there is no better choice than shelving. At home decor-gift, we want to help you keep your space clean and orderly, so we have everything you need to make sure it’s correct. From small shelves, for bathrooms to shelving units for the walls of the entire living room, we can cover it for you.