Buying An Outdoor Holiday Inflatable Decorations Movie Theater

  •   Have you ever reminisced about the days of drive-in movies and think how much fun that would be your kids?

      Statistics show that there are less than 350 drive-ins left in the US. During social distancing, some cities have had impromptu parking lot drive-ins, but there’s still not a consistent option.

      What if you could have your very drive-in or float-in or bike-in? You actually can with an Outdoor holiday inflatable decorations movie screen for your yard!

      These Airblown Inflatable movie screens can be quickly set up, and just connected to your average outdoor outlet. Each screen includes stakes, tethers and a built-in fan for enhanced stability.

      The screens are front projection, designed for personal home use. Wouldn’t it be great to invite friends over for a night swim and a movie or have your kids host a child-sized drive-in right in your driveway?

      The Airblown Inflatable movie screens can also be used indoors, so perfect for parties and sleepovers. All you need to set up is a projector and audio options. With the right connections, you can even stream your Disney+ or Netflix right to the yard!

      With limits this summer, we think we need these for our own summer movie nights.

      While you might not shoot your eyes out, you could certainly melt your retinas sitting too close while watching scenes from A Christmas Story on this giant 8-foot inflatable television yard decoration. Fra-gee-

      Available from Amazon or The Home Depot (affiliate links), the Christmas yard decoration uses “advanced, high-tech image mapping to play five scenes from A Christmas Story and four exciting transitions within the exact shape of the Airblown Inflatable TV.” It also includes the audio/video hookups so you can play your own movies on the television out of season. But please, try to keep things PG in the front yard.

      So is this is the Christmas yard decoration that’s going to make my house the talk of the neighborhood this year? No, just like every year that’s going to be the rusted out 1972 Ford Condor II RV I park in the driveway just like Cousin Eddie’s in Christmas Vacation. Every January I swear to my neighbors that I’ve finally sold it, but every Thanksgiving weekend I have it towed back out of storage and parked at the end of the driveway. They say they hate it but I know they love it.

      If you want to know more information about the inflatable christmas toy, We are here all the time to answer all the confusion you have,so please don't hesitate to contact us. You know you want.