What Should You Know Before Buying Cricut Explore 3?

  • Crafting is a unique profession that requires various essential tools to complete a project efficiently and get eye-pleasing craft. When it comes to providing cutting-edge DIY cutting machines, no one can beat Cricut. This brand offers a vast collection of heat presses, cutting machines, and accessories, as well as Cricut Explore 3 software that helps crafters create marvelous art pieces.

    If you are planning to buy this machine, you should learn about the machine, such as Cricut Explore 3 setup and others. So, keep reading this content to get vital info to decide if Cricut Explore 3 is worth buying.

    A Brief Introduction to Cricut Explore 3

    Cricut Explore 3 is the top model of the Explore series cutting machines. It is a smart cutting machine that comes with numerous excellent features. It’s an easy-to-use machine that a novice or hobbyist can use. With the help of this machine, users can cut hundreds of materials. You can connect this machine to a computer or smartphone to use the Cricut Design Space app to make designs.

    A Brief Introduction to Cricut Explore 3

    This machine is two times faster than its predecessors. Also, it can cut project materials with utmost accuracy and an amazingly fast speed. In addition, the control buttons help in completing Cricut Explore 3 projects and give premium quality results. Apart from that, Cricut Explore 3 manual setup and operation is so easy as it can connect wirelessly.

    Features of Cricut Explore 3

    Let’s take a look what are the prominent features of the Explore 3 machine.

    1. Explore 3 helps you cut more than a hundred types of materials like cardstock, glitter paper, bonded fabric, vinyl, iron-on, as well as smart materials.
    2. It is compatible with 6 additional tools that are separately sold that allow you to write, score, cut, foil, and many others.
    3. This machine comes with Bluetooth connectivity that helps it connect to devices wirelessly.
    4. Explore 3 is compatible with Cricut Roll Holder to cut long materials at once. This Roll Holder is sold separately and allows you to cut up to 75 feet.
    5. Users can connect it to the Cricut Design Space app to create and send designs.
    6. The docking slots of the machine come for built-in storage and keeping mobile devices.

    Pros and Cons of the Cricut Explore 3 Machine

    The Explore 3 has some advantages as well as drawbacks. Here we enlisted the prominent pros and cons of the machine.


    1. Compatible with Cricut Smart Materials.
    2. A lot faster than its predecessors.
    3. Can perform various tasks such as writing, scoring, and cutting with utmost precision.
    4. Various tools and accessories come with the box. 
    5. Cricut Explore 3 cutting mat is not required to cut smart materials.


    1. You cannot deboss or engrave with this machine.
    2. It can cut more materials than maker 3 devices.

    Who Can Use the Explore 3 Machine?

    Cricut Explore 3 projects seem brand-like due to their innovative design and premium build. This machine suits everyone who likes to create jaw-dropping DIY projects without much hassle. This is a smart and handy machine that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

    Also, the price of the machine is also not so high in comparison to the features and quality it comes with. Explore 3 also allows you to perform the Print Then Cut feature. In short, this device can be your one-stop solution for all of the crafting requirements. Apart from that, you should also consider this machine if your first priority is the quality of the projects. 

    What is the Alternative to Explore 3?

    Explore is already an advanced machine that can fulfill all of your crafting needs. However, if you are looking for a machine that offers more features and cut more materials, then Cricut Make 3 is a worthwhile choice. However, you should also know that Maker 3 is much more expensive than Explore 3.


    What does a Cricut Explore 3 do?

    Explore is an advanced machine that can do many things, such as cut, write, score, and others. You can use 6 additional tools to perform those tasks. You need to buy those tools separately. Apart from that, this allows you to do “Print Then Cut” for your projects.

    Is the Cricut Explore 3 good for beginners?

    Cricut Explore 3 is a simple yet advanced cutting machine that is very easy to use. So, you can use this machine even if you are a beginner. Also, professionals use this machine as it offers various amazing features.

    Does Cricut Explore 3 need ink?

    No, there is no need to use ink to create projects with Explore 3 devices. You can use a Cricut Pen to write & create designs on the cards. You can also work with the Cricut Access or Cricut Design Space app to create designs.

    Is Cricut Explore 3 driver essential?

    Unlike other printer devices, there is no need to download and install the Cricut Explore 3 driver. It already comes with the system drivers required to run the machine. You only need to install the Cricut App on your device to complete the setup process. 


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