•  We are an AIR TOOLS ACCESSORIES Manufacturers, let's share the knowledge of pneumatic tools. Some pneumatic tools may produce reaction torque during use, which puts the operator's body in a state of tension, affects the balance of the body, and may pinch fingers. Therefore, be especially careful when using multi-axis nut locking equipment, screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches, diagonal wrenches, rotors, tapping machines, pipe miter cutters and other equipment. The operator should be careful and take preventive measures against bad reaction torque.

      1. When placing the diamond dressing tool head on the holder, be careful not to hit the surface of the grinding wheel.

      2. It is not possible to align the single-point diamond dressing tool head vertically to the center of the grinding wheel, generally it needs to be inclined 10-15°.

      3. Can not "quench" (referring to sudden cold) to hot dressing tools. In dry dressing, the interval between two dressings must be maintained, which is sufficient to cool the heating dressing tool.

      4. It cannot be assumed that the surface of the grinding wheel is perfectly flat. At the beginning of dressing, find out the position of the grinding wheel and perform dressing.

      5. If possible, the amount of each grinding wheel repair should not exceed 0.001 inches on the radius of the grinding wheel. Excessive repairing amount can cause premature wear and frequent breakage of the diamond dressing tool head.

      6. ​​But it is also not possible to repair too small margin each time. The grinding wheel used on old or poorly rigid machine tools may not be trimmed.

      7. Note that you cannot stay in one position for too long during the trimming. This will polish the surface of the grinding wheel, generate high temperatures and damage the diamond dressing tool. Turn the dressing tool at least once a day.

      8. Can not continue to use worn or damaged dressing tools. It should be adjusted or replaced in time.

      9. It is not possible to select over-removal amount and too fast infeed speed during rough trimming, and then select small over-removal amount and slow infeed speed during finishing. This will quickly damage the diamond dressing tool. if possible,

      It is recommended to select the same horizontal feed rate for rough trimming and finishing trimming.

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