Types of player houses in The Elder Scrolls Online

  • In The Elder Scrolls Online, the player Ahui saw a variety of houses, some of them can be obtained for free, and some require players to use ESO Gold to purchase. Below I will give you a brief introduction to several types of houses. Players can buy houses according to their preferences.

    Large houses are best for players who want a lot of space and excellent decoration but don't want to spend too much money. This is a family scale, some tasks need to use ESO Gold to obtain them, the price range is 750,000 to 1.3 million ESO Gold.

    Manor-level residences will provide a luxurious lifestyle that some players might buy. The price of the estate is usually 1 to 4 million ESO Gold. Daggerfall Overlook is located in Glenumbra, one of the less explored locations in The Elder Scrolls. It is the best manor. It has a spacious courtyard that can be decorated in any way the owner thinks is appropriate. The walls of the courtyard can be seen from the wide sea view . This manor has a castle-like appearance, with a throne room in the main hall and an escape tunnel to the shore in the basement. The purchase cost of this house is 3,780,000 Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

    There are also some famous houses that are exclusively available as Crown Stores, and like other Elder Scrolls Online options, these cannot be purchased with ESO Gold. These houses usually have experimental layouts, are very unique, and vary widely in price. The Princely Dawnlight Palace is a veritable home, the whole home has a majestic and spacious feeling. The palace includes a spacious courtyard with swimming pool and reflecting pool, and easy access to the upper level of the defensive wall and sea views. The interior feels equally gorgeous, in addition to a huge decorative fountain room, two spare rooms upstairs and downstairs are also provided.