How do Elder Scrolls Online players operate the Armory system?

  • Elder Scrolls Online Update 32 provides some game fixes and some new features, including Armory system.Players can access Armory in two different ways: an Armory Station or an Armory Assistant. Armory Station will be free for all players and players can use ESO Gold to buy it and use it as furniture.

    After the player uses ESO Gold to buy it, it can be placed in any Elder Scrolls Online home owned by the player for its benefits. Players can also Buy ESO Gold. Armory Assistant provides an additional benefit of visiting Armory almost anywhere in Tamriel as a travel assistant.

    When accessing Armory, the available operations will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Save Build will record the current loading status of the role and save it for future use. The equipment build will replace the character's current build with the selected build. Players can choose the build settings to change the names and icons of the builds they create to make it easier to sort their choices later. Using Armory is always free.

    All passive and slotted Champion Stars are included in one version and will be remembered when saved in Armory. Players usually spend 3,000 ESO Gold every time they want to reassign their Champion Points, but a quick trip to Armory now will save any changes for easy access in the future. When Armory is used to equip the build, any equipment kept in the player's Bank or anywhere else will not be included in the build, but will be highlighted in red. Players can buy ESO Gold at IGGM.