Indoor Cellular Coverage Walk Testing & Video Streaming tools

  • All indoor experts will perceive how Indoor Cellular Coverage Walk Testing,  Video Streaming test & quality tools are significant pieces of cell tower monitoring and Auto Call Software. As requirements are, it is imperative to channel a couple of nuances under.  

    We all experience several courses of action with weak network signal, dropped calls, and slow web speeds in our everyday schedules. In general, it may occur at your residential areas/homes, work environments, malls, and other business places. 

    These network issues arise because of the following reasons - Hinderances by walls of buildings, equipments and materials, trees, and unpleasant climate. Signal booster is a device used to amplify the signal strength from a single cell tower and spread it around the building. 

    Operators need to identify the best signal boosters by performing an RF survey as they walk indoors with the correct equipment utilising the RantCell app. 

    In such cases, you need to recognise a setting like home or business indoor region, which fits the usage case for installing the signal booster device to enhance the indoor coverage and Quality Of Experience (QoE). Ordinarily such regions will have very poor indoor network coverage, voice and data speed issues, for instance, fluctuating throughputs, frequent call drops, etc. 

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