Application of Wholesale Utp Cat5e Cables Manufacturers


    Category 5
    The Cat5 Ethernet of Wholesale UTP CAT5E Cables Manufacturers introduced 10/100 Mbps Ethernet up to 100 meters, also known as Fast Ethernet. Although some older deployments still use CAT5 cable, it is now considered obsolete and has been replaced by Cat5e.

    Category 5e
    Although Cat5 and Cat5e cables are physically similar, Category 5e Ethernet complies with stricter IEEE standards. "E" stands for enhanced, meaning a low-noise version that reduces the possibility of crosstalk. Crosstalk is interference transmitted from adjacent wires.

    Cat5e is the most common type of cabling used for deployment because it can support gigabit speeds at a cost-effective price. Although both Cat5 and Cat5e support a maximum frequency of up to 100MHz, Cat5e has completely replaced its predecessor. Compared with Fast Ethernet which uses 2 data pairs, Gigabit Ethernet uses 4 data pairs.

    In addition, UTP Cat5 Patch Cord Cables Suppliers' Cat 5e supports speeds up to 1000 Mbps. It is flexible enough to be suitable for small space installations such as residences, but it is still used in commercial spaces. Among all current cabling options, Cat5e is the cheapest option.