Speed ​​of Custom Sftp Cat7 Cables


    What is a Cat7 Ethernet cable?
    The cat7 Ethernet cable on the side of custom SFTP CAT7 Cables
    Cat7 cable is a category of copper cable. They are used to create an Ethernet connection in your home or business. For more information about Ethernet, check out our blog on the definition of Ethernet.

    Cat7 cables can be connected to almost any device with an Ethernet port. Cat7 cable is the international standard ISO/IEC 11801, which was created for wiring in general telecommunication systems. This can be deployed in many applications ranging from homes to buildings and factories.

    Cat7 Ethernet cable speed
    Cat7 aims to improve the previous category by having a maximum speed of 10Gb and a frequency of up to 600MHz. It achieves this by having a stricter twist ratio on the wire and also includes shielding around a single wire. Shielding helps protect your cables from EMI and also helps achieve higher frequencies. The structure you will see on a Cat7 Ethernet cable is S/FTP. This structure has a double shielding design. It has each individual wire wrapped in a shielding layer and an overall shielding layer.

    cat7 cable structure
    Although the maximum frequency set by TIA is as high as 600Mhz, the Cat7 cable of this UTP Cat7 Patch Cord Cable has been tested up to 750MHz.