The Difference Between Wholesale Utp Cat6 Cables Suppliers


    What is the bulk Ethernet cable from wholesale UTP CAT6 Cables suppliers?
    Ethernet cables are cables used to connect wired networks. Bulk Ethernet cables (up to 1000 feet long) are used to establish a network in order to connect multiple computers (possibly in different rooms) and other devices to the server. Usually in the office and Other companies. In other words, bulk Ethernet cable means that it is considered a large number of cables, not just a few feet. For example, a coil of 1000 feet of wire is considered to be in bulk. Let us find out. Bulk Ethernet cables are usually composed of conductors, insulators, and cable sheaths. The conductors have 4 pairs of copper twisted pairs. Compared with ordinary network cables, bulk Ethernet cables have no connectors except for the difference in cable length and outer packaging.

    Outdoor and indoor bulk Ethernet cables
    Indoor bulk Ethernet cables are usually used for shorter distances. In office buildings or factories, outdoor bulk Ethernet cables are designed for outdoor use. The main difference between indoor and outdoor high-capacity Ethernet cables is the outer sheath. The sheath on outdoor graded cables is specially designed to deal with weather and temperature changes.

    Our shielded Cat6 outdoor waterproof direct-buried Ethernet cable allows you to expand your Internet connection even in the harshest environment. Its weatherproof double-layer outer sheath allows you to bury the line in the ground while protecting your wire from various factors. This supports high bandwidth up to 550 MHz and speeds up to 1000mbps, providing a perfect uninterrupted connection for your home or workplace.

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