Accessories for Perfume Sprayer Pump Manufacturers


    Dust cap
    The dust cap is the top of the bottle of Perfume Sprayer Pump Manufacturers. It is a safety helmet that protects the actuator and spray hole from dust and other harmful substances. It also prevents you from accidentally pressing the actuator.

    Dust caps are available in different materials and finishes. Some people may think it is an accessory, easy to lose. Nevertheless, its purpose is obviously also very important.

    We recommend that you do not reuse spray bottles without dust caps. If possible, look for replacement caps.

    Actuator or trigger
    The actuator is covered by a dust cap, which is the part you press to dispense the contents of the bottle. It sticks out of the container like a head.

    You may be familiar with lotion dispensers with table-top actuators, narrow necks and flat tops. However, the actuator in the fine mist spray bottle is hollow to hold other components in it. In fine mist spray bottles, the actual spray holes can also be found on the surface of the actuator.

    Insert or nozzle
    The insert is actually the mouth of a fine mist spray bottle. However, more importantly, it is actually the part that defines the spray bottle. This small piece turns the liquid content into a mist. Its interior consists of multiple channels through which the liquid passes before leaving the container.

    The insert is installed inside the actuator and only appears as a small hole on its surface.

    The closure wraps the spray bottle in the collar directly below the actuator. The closure secures all components to the actual bottle. The dust cap is also located on the top of the closure, where it can be securely snapped into place.

    The seal can be smooth, matte or satin. Sometimes it is even designed to connect seamlessly with the bottle.

    Although it is one of the least obvious parts, the gasket is actually an important part of assembling a spray bottle. The gasket is a thin, flat material used as a seal to prevent leakage of the contents. It is located in the area where the bottom of the cap intersects the actual bottle.

    The material used as the gasket may vary, depending on the substance it is leak-proof. It has been tested to ensure its compatibility and reliability.
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