Types of DC freezer Manufacturers


    RV refrigerator types by DC freezer Manufacturers

    When it comes to motorhomes, you will see compressor-driven refrigerators or absorption refrigerators. Absorption refrigerators are often the most common. You will also see the term "residential refrigerator". Unfortunately, this term can be confusing. Some motorhome and motorhome manufacturers use this term to refer to design, while others use this term to refer to refrigerators designed for fixed dwellings.

    Compressor refrigerator
    The compressor-driven refrigerator in the RV is usually powered by an AC/DC power supply. This means that if your RV is plugged into a power source, you can run it on shore power, and if it is not plugged in, you can run it on your coach battery. Residential refrigerators, such as those used in fixed houses, are also compressor refrigerators, but they can only operate if they are plugged into the wall. This means they can only use AC power, so when the RV is not plugged into shore power or generators, you will need an inverter.

    Compressor refrigerators tend to cool faster and more efficiently. They are not affected by altitude.

    Absorption refrigerator
    The most common type of refrigerator in RVs is an absorption refrigerator. Absorption refrigerators may run out of LPG. This makes them more flexible than compressor-driven refrigerators. "Two-way refrigerator" generally refers to an absorption RV refrigerator that can use AC power and LPG.

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