Top 3 React Native Dev Tools for Growth

  • In the future, as you add new features, or update the existing ones to upgrade your project, you need to grow your application. Undoubtedly, growth includes an important component of the application that one should not compromise on. Now it’s time to discuss the top React Native Dev tools for growth of react js development company.

    Top 3 React Native Dev Tools for Growth

    1. Forage
    Forage analysis provides a powerful understanding of all mobile app user interactions. This tool provides a platform that can capture and store limitless data, removing the issues faced with other tools.

    Also, its unique features provide you with a clear and targeted understanding that can help you to improve your project. Some of its popular features include screen and custom event tracking, code level timers, performance-optimized searching, and much more.

    2. Firebase

    Firebase offers a complete backend solution that can manage authentication, real-time database, and hosting as well. This platform provides you with good typescript support, documented with detailed guides. As a result, Firebase lets you create rich, collaborative applications by allowing secure access to the database from client-side code.

    Developed by: Google
    Release date: 2011

    3. Fullstory

    Fullstory provides the developer’s team with deep insights into how your audience will interact with your site or app. Moreover, it is specifically designed to analyze and help companies to solve any doubts they might have about their digital experience. When you have a goal to perfect your user experience, bugs don’t always mean JavaScript errors.

    Often the cause of unrich experience can be traced back to slow loading resources, unoptimized images, or third-party scripts. Therefore, anything causing a blank screen and janky interactions may discomfort your users. Using React Native Dev Tools by Fullstory offers a remarkable way to understand your web page and performance in the context of your user’s experience.