The Broncos have been perhaps the worst team in Madden NFL 23 y

  • The Dolphins have had a few lapses throughout the past few weeks , but have enough players on offense in Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller and Madden 23 coins Jarvis Landry to make things interesting. The development of Jay Ajayi as a weapon for Miami could be a boon to the team down the length of the season and keep Miller fresh.

    Washington played a brutal smackdown of their Saints at home, and Kirk Cousins' perfect 158.3 quarterback rating tells the tale of how easily the Saints' quarterback ripped apart New Orleans the defense. Cousins ended the contest 20-25 for three24 yards and four touchdowns and his performance could be the one that cut the camel's back of Rob Ryan. The Saints dismissed their defensive coordinator on Monday and both teams currently have four wins, they're headed towards different directions.

    Tampa Bay is quietly playing better football lately and it's not just the Bucs. This one certainly wasn't pretty but Jameis Winston threw two picks that reverted to his turnover-prone ways however, the Bucs were able to do enough to defeat to beat the Cowboys on the road. Given the way the Falcons have been playing of late, could Tampa Bay challenge them for the second spot for the Division?


    The Broncos are facing some challenges right now and big changes could be coming soon. The game where Osweiler broke the all time passing yard record Peyton Manning was benched to be replaced by Brock Osweiler. It appears that Osweiler will take on the challenge this week. Will it be a big enough spark? That's the most important concern, and this Denver offense is really stuck with direction other than up. The Broncos have been perhaps the worst team in Madden NFL 23 year. season and it's not helped that Manning has delivered 19 picks. But the Broncos' run game has been terrible as well. The defense may be great however they're in need to get more from their offensive. We'll see how Osweiler could help with this.

    The Packers took a step back in this particular week they lost their third straight losing this time to Lions away from home. They've struggled to move the ball and get points as a team that looked pretty unstoppable early in the season has endured some real struggles.

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    The Seahawks remain inconsistent and do not appear like the team that has made it to the Super Bowl two seasons in a row. Russell Wilson is struggling behind an unreliable offensive line. Marshawn Lynch is yet to start to make an impact in the run game and madden 23 coins buy the defense has continued to let big plays happen at the worst possible times.