It's a story that is familiar to any Madden NFL 23 franchise

  • We'll see how Osweiler will help them achieve that.

    The Packers had a dip in this particular week after losing their third consecutive game loss, this time to the Lions in their home stadium. They've struggled to move the ball and Madden 23 coins score points the way they did, and a team who seemed like they were unstoppable earlier in the year has gone through some real struggle.

    SB Nation presents: The unpredictable, shocking conclusion of the Packers-Lions game

    The Seahawks remain inconsistent and do not appear as if they've made it to the Super Bowl two seasons in two seasons. Russell Wilson is struggling behind an unreliable offensive line. Marshawn ' Lynch hasn't been able to begin to get into the running game and the defense has continued to let big plays happen at the most inconvenient times. They'll need to turn things around fast to reach the playoffs.

    Jockeying for that first pick

    Tony Romo returns to the Cowboys this week, so they're unlikely to be as at the bottom of the list for the entire season, but without Tony Romo, they've lost seven games in a row. Could his return alter the situation in Dallas? We'll see. Otherwise, it's looking like Titans and Browns are the likely candidates. Browns and Titans might be favorites to "earn" that No. 1 overall pick in 2016.

    The Carolina Panthers are in the beginning of a major rebuild with a new coach, staff members as well as Cam Newton is without a team. It's a story that is familiar to any Madden NFL 23 franchise, but typically, they're not even 4 years removed from an Super Bowl appearance with a young team.

    This tumultuous period during Panthers the history of their team could've played out differently, had the team won Super Bowl 50. There are plenty of elements that could have influenced how the whole thing played out, and it's difficult to predict the outcome -- but there are two possibilities, both of which could have been realized if Carolina was able to perform to its potential and lifted the Lombardi trophy in the year 2016.

    Cam Newton rumors continue to move towards the Seahawks Scenario One The story is that everything is different.

    The Panthers were one of the teams in Buy Madden 23 coins history to win 15-1 during the previous season. They then finished the following year with a losing record after their Super Bowl loss.