Foundation Of Optical Fiber Distribution Box

  • Optical Fiber Distribution Box is a framework for providing cable interconnection between communication facilities, which can integrate fiber fusion splicing, fiber termination, fiber adapters and connectors, and cable connections into one unit. It can also be used as a protection device to protect the fiber optic connection from damage. The basic functions of ODF provided by today's vendors are almost the same. However, they have different shapes and specifications. Choosing the right ODF is not easy.

    The choice of ODF is not limited to the structure, and many factors should be considered, such as the application. Here are some of the most important things.

    Optical fiber quantity: As the number of optical fiber connections in data centers and other places increases, the demand for high-density ODF has become a trend. It is now very common to find ODFs with 24 ports, 48 ​​ports, or even 144 ports on the market for optical cables. At the same time, many vendors can provide customized ODFs based on customer requirements.

    Manageability: High density is good, but management is not easy. ODF should provide a relaxed management environment for technicians. The basic requirement is that the ODF should allow easy access to the front and rear connectors of these ports for insertion and removal. This requires that the ODF should reserve enough space. In addition, the color of the adapter installed on the ODF should be consistent with the color code of the fiber optic connector to avoid connection errors.

    Flexibility: As mentioned above, the ODF rack with modular design is relatively flexible in application. However, another aspect that can effectively increase ODF flexibility is the port size of the adapter on the ODF. For example, an ODF with a port the size of a duplex LC adapter can be installed with a duplex LC, SC or MRTJ adapter. ODFs with ST adapter-sized ports can be installed with ST adapters and FC adapters.

    Protection: The fiber distribution frame has integrated fiber connections. Fiber optic connections such as connectors and fiber optic connectors are actually very sensitive throughout the transmission network and are directly related to the stability and reliability of the network. Therefore, a good ODF should have a protective device to prevent the optical fiber connection from being damaged by dust or pressure.