China Machinery Parts Production Code

  • The production of mechanical parts in China is a material forming technology, and it is a new metal cold deformation processing method that has appeared in recent years. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing. In the production of mechanical parts in China, people use the power of traditional or special stamping equipment to press, use pressure to deform the material, and then use the metal plate in the mold to deform the part with a specific size. Therefore, what problems do Chinese machine parts manufacturers need to pay attention to during production? Let's introduce them to professional manufacturers!

    In the production of Chinese mechanical parts, it should be noted that engineering equipment such as presses or molds should be used under normal conditions of use. This effectively prevents the steel strip from being transported along the correct location or our predetermined gap. We make sure that all parts are fixed. When manufacturing machine parts in China, do not change the mounting position of the stamping die. After replacement, they can scratch or crush the surface of the workpiece. In this way, the quality of the workpiece is greatly affected.

    Another point is that when preparing raw materials, it is necessary to comply with technical specifications, accurately measure the particle size of the raw materials, strictly check the raw materials, and perform card inspection. At the same time, in the production of mechanical parts in China, it is necessary to carefully check the grinding tools and some punches regularly to prevent the wear of workpieces and guide rails due to long-term operation. When manufacturing Chinese mechanical parts, please strictly abide by all relevant precautions to avoid unnecessary losses.

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