Things You Need to Know About Cricut EasyPress 3

  •  Heat transfer projects are among the popular projects created using a Cricut machine. These projects range from t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, tote bags, pillows, home decor, and more. A good quality heat press plays a significant role in achieving flawless repeatable results with such projects. Over the few years, along with new models, Cricut is also launching several accessories to make life easier for professional crafters. A heat press is one such accessory.

    Cricut expanded its EasyPress lineup of heat presses with the EasyPress 3. It’s a heating tool designed to imprint heat-activated designs to projects like iron-on or infusible ink. As it is the newest edition to the EasyPress family, it has all the great features of the EasyPress 2 and a Bluetooth connectivity option. In this blog, we will tell you all the essential elements of EasyPress 3 to determine if it’s superior or inferior to its predecessor. And also whether you should go for it or not.


    EasyPress 3 is compatible with Cricut’s existing Maker 3 and Explore three models. Even the color scheme of the EasyPress 3 perfectly fits with Explore 3 and Maker 3. It comes in two sizes: 9’’x9″ and 12’’x10″. The 9’’x9″ model can easily handle small projects, whereas the 12’’x10″ model covers large surfaces in one go. Everything you need to get started can be found in the box with the product. In the box, you will find

    • EasyPress machine
    • Safety base for it to rest on when the device is not in use
    • A sample bag
    • A pre-cut logo
    • User guide
    • Safety instructions
    • Dust Cover
    • Other identical items.

    Setup Process

    The setup process is quite simple, and it takes just a few minutes of your time. For your convenience, we have mentioned the whole process in detail.

    • Download the Cricut Heat app on your smart devices. The app is free in the Play and Apple app stores. The app will instantly identify your device, and all you have to do is agree to link it to your account. Sign in via your Cricut Design Space login id and password, accept the terms and conditions, and you are ready.


    How to Use Easy Press 3 for Projects?

    • Turn on the EasyPress 3 by pressing the power button. The device will calibrate its setting according to the previous project and automatically starts heating up.
    • When the app identifies your device, the press starts a new project. Pick the transfer material you will use for the project, for example, infusible ink.
    • Pick the material to which you will apply the design, such as a bag or totem. And lastly, pick the work surface that will be Cricut EasyPress Mat.
    • The app will provide clear instructions on how to layer the material, pre-heating, and sequence of materials.
    • Once you finish that, place the EasyPress 3 on the material and press the “play” button. During this, apply constant pressure. The app will automatically start the countdown timer, and the process is finished, the device will beep to let you know.

    What are its Key Features?

    Easy Press 3 is the latest offering from Cricut. It has all the best features that you will find in EasyPress 2 and more. It has all the essential features you expect from a great heat press. These features are:

    Precise Temperature Control

    The EasyPress 3 can generate heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can be controlled via the Cricut Heat app or the control buttons on the machine. And if you are wondering what temperature is best for your fabric, check out Cricut’s guide. Using those recommendations, you can adjust the temperature according to that.

    Flare Base

    The heat plate of EasyPress 3 is composed of aluminum with a ceramic, non-stick coating. The ceramic plate evenly distributes the heat. The device’s base is flat and evenly heated without hot or cold spots.


    Safety is essential when working with high-heat machines, and Cricut takes it very seriously. It offers two safety features, one of which is an auto-off feature. The device automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of inactivity. The other component is the insulated safety base that comes with the machine.

    Bluetooth Connectivity Option

    Unlike EasyPress 2., EasyPress 3 comes with Bluetooth connectivity options, which makes the craft-making process a breeze for crafters. This feature gives EasyPress an edge over EasyPress 2 and makes Easy Press a Smart Heat Press.


    EasyPress 3 is not just compatible with Cricut products such as shirts, vinyl, mugs, and other products. But that’s wrong; the device delivers even heat distribution and can be used for any crafting projects, even unconventional ones. However, if you are planning to use infusible ink

    For any projects, we advise you to stick to the Cricut products. If you can give other brands a go, they might not be as durable or even work.


    Easy Press 3 is an excellent heat press with all the best features of EasyPress 2. But if you already have an EasyPress 2, upgrade it. Because in terms of features and functionality, they are pretty much the same. The only additional feature you get with EasyPress 3 is Bluetooth connectivity. You must pay extra; it’s a major turn-off for many people.


    What is the difference between EasyPress 3 and EasyPress 2?

    Besides Bluetooth capability, another difference is that you can easily control the EasyPress 3 via the Heat app. You can easily pick the heat transfer material and blank with the Cricut app and send the set to the device.

    What other items are required to get started?

    Other than EasyPress, you need a few essential items. These items are:

    • A Cricut machine like the Maker 3
    • Cutter
    • Infusible ink makers or pens
    • Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet
    • Heat Transfer Vinyl pieces
    • Butcher paper
    • Heat-resistant tape
    • EasyPress mat

    Can you use EasyPress 3 without the app?

    Unfortunately, no. Without the app, you won’t be able to activate your machine. Once the device is activated, you can also use it without the app. But we are sure that once you use the app, you will like it as it gives you more flexibility in operations.