How to Cut Wood with Cricut? [A Complete Guide]

  • Cricut is a fun crafting machine and can be used for various purposes. It can cut various materials, including wood, and create amazing crafts out of it. However, you must know how to do it correctly. Cutting wood on a Cricut can be a fun and creative way of making unique and personalized crafts. But for better results, choose the right type of wood, as not all types of wood are suitable for cutting with a Cricut. The wood should be thin and flat, with a smooth surface. Basswood, balsa wood, and thin plywood are some of the best options for cutting with a Cricut. Let’s see how to cut wood with Cricut.

    What are the Different Types of Wood to Cut with Cricut?

    There are three main types of wood that you use with your Cricut machine (Cricut Maker):

    1. Balsawood- This wood is soft and fragile, which breaks easily. It is good for making simple crafts and is easily available at the store.
    2. Basswood- Basswood is popular for crafting due to its softness, fine grain, and light color. It is a type of hardwood commonly used in various crafting applications, including carving, sculpting, and model-making.
    3. Plywood- Plywood is a versatile material often used in crafting due to its durability, strength, and affordability. It is made by gluing together multiple layers or plies of thin wood veneers, which results in a strong and stable sheet of wood.

    Which Blades Are Used to Cut Wood with Cricut Maker?

    Knife blades are used to cut wood with Cricut Maker. It’s the only blade that can cut hard materials like basswood. However, you must calibrate the knife blade before using it for the first time.

    How to Cut Wood with Cricut?

    After you select the right type of wood to cut with your Cricut machine and calibrate your knife blade, you can start cutting wood.

    Load Wood to Cricut Mat

    This is the first step in the process. You will have to load the wood onto the Cricut mat correctly. Otherwise, you will not get the correct results. Note that your mat should be a strong grip mat to hold the wood correctly. Make sure your wood does not exceed 11 inches wide. To place the wood correctly, press the wood down on the Cricut mat. You can use a brayer for it. Add tape wood to secure it on the mat and prevent it from moving.

    You should know certain things while crafting wood on your Cricut machine. Please ensure all your cuts are ¼” away from the wood’s edge. A knife blade is used for details that are ¾ or more. You should also know that the knife blades work only on your computer and are incompatible with the Design Space.

    Mirror Your Design

    When you have your project designed and you are ready to cut it, you will have to mirror the cut in Design Space. Usually, the cut against the mat is the cleanest. Hence you will want it to be in the front. Make sure that you put the best side of your wood face down. Remember that the knife blades only work on a computer and are not compatible with the Design Space app due to the duration of time for the cuts.

    Prepare Your Cricut Maker

    You may want to push the white wheels to the right side. However, you must prevent your material from going under the white or black wheels while cutting wood. Cutting wood may take a long time. When cutting in the Design Space, the machine will pass once and calculate the time. Hence, you must be prepared to get your machine tied up while cutting wood.

    Check Wood Cuts on Cricut

    After running the machine for a while, check the cuts about halfway. Then, the Cricut Design Space will help you count how many passes you left. After that, check the cut by pressing the pause button on the machine. Now, use a weeding tool to pick up the edge of your wood and check if the material is cut right.

    The corners of the wood will last to be cut. Don’t forget to check between every few passes. If you see that the material is not cut through, you should touch the “C” on your mat to continue the cut. You can also use this “C” for additional passes when the cut is complete and your material is not cut.

    Finish the Cuts

    Use your Cricut Maker until all your cuts are completely done. However, note that the cut-through on your material will shorten the life of your Cricut mat as the blade will start to penetrate the mat in some areas. Hence, you can use a craft knife instead of a mat to finish the cuts. This is optional but can prevent your mat from being too damaged. When you have to remove the wood from the mat, prefer the side against your mat and peel up your mat from the wood and check for any breakage.


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