Lost Ark Getting 96 Player PvP Mode in Art of War Update


    Lost ark Gold just released its Art of War update which introduces 48v48 realm versus realm PVP mode plus the game's first Specialist class: the Artist. Lost Ark also has had numerous quality-of-life improvements with all the updates in addition to numerous balance changes. In addition, various progression events tailored to new characters should make it easier for players planning to try out the Artist class.

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    When Amazon Games brought Smilegate's popular Korean free-to-play MMORPG to Western audiences, Lost Ark initially shattered Steam records as droves of players packed into the game to find out what every one of the fuss was approximate. Since the Western version of Lost Ark is many years behind the first in terms of content, Amazon Games has become periodically updated the overall game with new content, classes, and systems at a steady pace in order that players have a chance to advance through the content instead of dropping all this at once. Though each update brings Lost Ark more detailed parity while using the original, we have seen some slight deviations.

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    The game's Art of War update finally introduces the much-discussed Artist class, which has been the subject of some controversy recently caused by Lost Ark's censorship of the Artist's skins to "fit Western norms." The Artist is different among Lost Ark's classes for the reason that it doesn't come under the five base classes like Assassin, Gunner, or Mage, but alternatively is the action's first Specialist class. The Artist is really a support class that will summon creatures and objects by painting them, producing a visually spectacular and mechanically diverse kit. Click here to determine the full Lost Ark patch notes.

    The other highlight of this Lost Ark update will be the Tulubik Battlefield, a huge faction-based 48v48 PVP mode. Once players reach rank 3 because of their chosen faction throughout the Rowen PvP content, they could sign up to fight because of their faction on the Tulubik Battlefield. Similar to World of Warcraft's Alterac Valley, the mode comes with a large battlefield with plenty of bases for players to capture and tip the scales in the fight. As players rise from the ranks of the faction, they'll unlock new faction skins to show off their PvP prowess.

    The update has additionally brought along some progression events such as the Punika Powerpass which lets players jump alternate characters past many story content and right into some item level 1340 gear, just in time for the revolutionary Artist class. According to Lost Ark's 2023 roadmap, players look forward to some challenging new raid content using the game's next update sometime in April.