How To Get Golden Vow Ash Of War In Elden Ring

  • ShareGolden Vow is often a handy Ash of War you can use during battles in Elden Ring Runes. It allows the type and its allies to experience a strong defense. It also provides Sacred affinity, which adds Holy Damage scaling on all melee weapons.

    Compared to the Sacred Blade, Golden Vow lets you scale your weapon around the faith attribute. Likewise, Golden Vow also means that you can push Holy Damage to 45 seconds turning it into the best to address strong enemies. This guide can tell you exactly where to locate the Ash of War Golden Vow in Elden Ring, which rewards together with the Golden Vow skill.

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    Where to get Golden Vow Ash of War in Elden Ring

    Golden Halberd, forged with gold and wielded through the tree sentinels, provides the default skill of Golden Vow. It is dropped by defeating the Tree Sentinel just outside The First Step grace of site, in Limgrave, where you start out in Elden Ring.

    To get to the Tree Sentinel location, you'll want to head beyond the Church of Elleh. The boss fight is going to be hard as you just started your trip. If you manage to dodge its poison attacks and ultimately defeat him, you'll receive Ash of War: Golden Vow in conjunction with Golden Halberd in Elden Ring.

    If you can not defeat the Tree Sentinel, there exists another way to obtain the Golden Vow Ash of War. You can receive the skill by collecting the Ash from Godrick Knight in Limgrave.

    You must first head to your northern regions of Limgrave. There are plenty of locations here to get Ashes of War. Limgrave has over 20 of these ashes, and the majority of them are purchased from defeating different enemies and bosses. To find Godrick Knight, you'll want to head towards the southwest of Deathtouched Catacombs found in the Limgrave region. Once there, you'll want to look for the Limgrave Colosseum and head to the top of the hill that is for the east side.

    After reaching there, players will see a lonely, armored knight placed on a horse that has a huge shield on his back on the top of the cliff. Players will likely need to engage and defeat him. However, the battle will not be overly challenging, but when you are developing a hard time, you can call upon your reliable Torrent to be of assistance in your dream.

    How to work with Golden Vow Ash of War in buy elden ring runes

    You may use the Ash of War by placing it into a secondary weapon you barely use. Before participating in a fight, just equip the weapon and make use of the skill that can grant buffs, however, equip your main weapon. To cast it, you should have 40 FP. The buff lasts about 45 seconds which could help you with your barely scraping engagements.

    How to Stack Golden Vow Ash of War

    You can stack the buff along with other similar buffs granting precisely the same damage and defense properties. This will enhance your damage significantly as well as provide you with bonus defense.
    Golden Vow Incantation grants exactly the same buffs because of the Golden Vow Ash of War. To use the incantation, you just need a Seal as opposed to a weapon and 47 FP to cast it. There is no chronological order to the present, so you're able to cast any way you like.