Blizzard has 'a great deal of ideas' on new Diablo 2 runewords

  • Blizzard has applied for grants on how to expand D2R Ladder Items with new content that didn't take place in the original game.

    Despite being 19 years old, Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction remains to be technically an unfinished game. Back in the day, Blizzard North had released quite a few patches to feature in extra features like fresh runewords, new skill synergies, item balances, and in many cases respec options, but Diablo 2's item arsenal remains unfinished with lots of elite unique missing from your database.

    d2r ladder items

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    That could change thanks to your new buy d2 resurrected items remaster. Blizzard says they've got a bunch of applying for grants new items, and rune words, along with other updates that weren't easily obtainable in the old-school PC game. Diablo 2's resurrection might basically be the beginning, and Blizzard could reignite the fires of hell by slowly iterating, changing, and ultimately revolutionizing the sport.

    In an up-to-date press roundtable, design director Rob Gallerani says they have a notion of future content...though the core experience comes first:

    "We desired to build a really strong foundation before we started referring to the third and fourth floors of this building. If we misstepped what the core game was, other things we were doing would have been forming meaningless. We definitely have a lot of ideas, but at this time we're waiting to make certain we get the core game right.

    "We'll just see once the action goes live whatever we do about new runewords, new items, rebalancing, stuff like that."

    This isn't a confirmation that new submissions are coming. It's completely feasible Blizzard will just move on to your next project in support of applying touch-ups to D2R. I would like to see new expansions and other premium content unveiled for D2R, together with some much-needed balancing (the grittiness will probably deter players, as an illustration) plus the inclusion of basic features like chat lobbies on consoles.

    Diablo 2 Resurrected releases by 50 % days on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.