Diablo 2 Resurrected is becoming a PTR and rate limited games

  • Blizzard offers to roll out a PTR server for Diablo 2 Resurrected updates, but join wait times and rate-limited games are staying.

    D2R Ladder Runes servers are nevertheless a mess and Blizzard is originating up with fixes...but players won't like them.

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    Blizzard today outlined more info on its server fixes for d2 resurrected runes, confirming the experience will get a PTR (Public Test Realm) that can help beta test upcoming updates and patches. Starting in a few days, Blizzard is building a massive plunge into how D2's online servers work.

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    "Next week, our internal teams will become testing a substantial change with saves occurring more frequently on the regional end, as an alternative to global, hoping to alleviate some database stress. Once our internal load tests are complete, we're going to put up a PTR server using this fix to have some real-world testing before rolling out to your live game."

    The devs also say D2R players can get rate limited all the more than they are actually. This means that D2R players might possibly make fewer games by the hour which should affect the timeouts that happen when players make games too soon. In other words, Blizzard is slowing things to give the best way to opportunity to start.

    "We also are implementing a method to rate limit games with varying times to be sure we can get higher numbers of players in during peak playing periods."

    That...doesn't sound too great if you ask me. Oh, as well as the queues aren't going anywhere. Hopefully, this can be ironed out soon but I should wonder if the number of gamers will go forward and focus on the upcoming heavy-hitting holiday games like Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty Vanguard, the GTA Trilogy remasters, and Halo Infinite in December.