Alright, let me reiterate for Runescape gold

  • Alright, let me reiterate for Runescape gold you. "There's overpowered gear hidden behind arbitrarily low prices, making artificial scarcity." You think this is bad game design. You believe making items difficult to obtain and infrequent is a lousy idea. Good game design is not understood by you. The thing is that you think all gear should be available.

    Yet you talk about Runescape's economy being shit? The main reason this was quoted by me, is because it revealed how your comment really painted you as dumb and stupid. "2$ per week is a lot ." Alright, well that's ridiculous. Looking at the rest of the paragraph it seems like you wish to whine about grinding so maybe I can quell your fears of grinding once and for all.

    A lot of individuals grind in best place to buy runescape gold, but that is because people are worried about efficiency and having super stats. The easy fact is, if you have a 92 you can do just about everything. 92 is half the experience and nearly as good, although I notice in your comment you mentioned 20-99.

    A 99 is supposed to be for the person who goes those extra miles, to give them something to jerk off their dick to. You shouldn't be grinding almost anything from 20 there are loads of really fun quests in Runescape to perform. They are better than any other MMORPG I have seen, and actually better than a few games which focus on quests.