Honkai: Star Rail - To The Faint Star Quest Guide


    To: The Faint Star is an exciting optional quest in Honkai: Star Rail. Here’s how you can complete it.

    Honkai: Star Rail is a popular gacha fantasy gaming set inside a futuristic environment. The game features a lot of quests, for example, Night Around the Great Mine, that test the exploration and combat skills of the players. To: The Faint Star is yet another one of these quests.

    It is an optional adventure quest that can take place in the Herta Space Station and may only be played after reaching Trailblaze level 13 or over. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can complete the To: The Faint Star mission in Honkai: Star Rail.

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    How to Complete the To: The Faint Star Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

    To accomplish the To: The Faint Star Quest in Honkai: Star Rail, players should adopt these measures.

    Meet Rocky

    Upon reaching level 13, the ball player will get a number of texts on the cell phone. One of these texts comes from the character Rocky, a galactic geography researcher mistaking the ball player for his crush Lesley. After a little little bit of chit-chatting, it's revealed that Rocky has confessed his passion to Lesley and he has not got an answer yet. Upon learning this, players will need to go and meet Rocky in the Master Control Zone, the quickest route to that is through teleporting into Herta's Office. Rocky says the communication issue is because of some malfunction within the Galaxy Airwave Repeater and can ask the ball player to look into it.

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    Examine the Galaxy Airwave Repeater

    The Galaxy Airwave Repeater could be found within the Storage Zone, and also the quickest way there's by teleporting towards the Control Center Space Anchor. After examining the repeater, players will find out that two parts from the repeater happen to be misplaced. The next objective is to locate those missing ultra-nickel parts.

    Find the Lost Parts

    Luckily for players, the lost parts could be found within the same location in which the repeater is. The first part is quite easy to locate since it's in a chest right over the room. However, locating the second part could be somewhat tricky, as it can involve fighting a monster and altering the paths. Only after retrieving both parts can the repeater be fixed.

    Find the Culprit

    To unravel the mystery of who tampered with using the repeater, players have to teleport straight toward the Monitoring Room and feel the surveillance footage. It turns out to happen to be Bernard, Rocky's research mentor, who tampered with using the repeater.

    Twist within the Tail

    The next thing is confronting Bernard within the Master Control Zone and asking him questions. Bernard says he made it happen for Rocky's good. He does, however, give the ball player two signal logs; the red one is a lie, as the blue may be the truth. This is in which the players need to make a tough choice whether or not to tell Rocky the reality or the lie. Either way, the mission is finished and players can claim various rewards. If you want to learn more about Honkai: Star Rail, MMOWTS is here and it offers honkai star rail accounts.