Honkai Star Rail Boss Guide: How to Defeat Doomsday Beast in Ho


    Doomsday Beast Honkai Star Rail may be the first real boss the Pathfinder will face throughout the story quest "Non-Fadeing Shadows" within the Support Zone around the Hertha space station. The Doomsday Beast consists of fragments from the Twilight Leviathan and can't be defeated without destroying the Dark Matter Core, along with the right and left arms. The boss has two stages and may easily destroy an unprepared squad.

    How to Defeat Doomsday Beast in Honkai Star Rail

    The trick to beating the Doomsday Beast boss fight in Honkai: Star Rail would be to take full advantage of the Weakness Break system and employ that from the creature’s three parts: the Antimatter Engine, Dawn’s Left Hand, and Disaster’s Right Hand. The opponent has two life bars, and, to get at them, players first have to wipe out the 3 parts.

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    It is essential to increase damage output and make the most of Weakness Break against a component until it's broken after which proceed to the next. By doing this, players can break the parts around the boss and steer clear of it from doing damage. In Honkai: Star Rail’s Doomsday Beast boss fight, players should focus first on getting both of its hands and finally its Antimatter Engine. The Antimatter Engine will occasionally buff the hands, but this can have no impact on broken hands. As such, players should break the hands, then your Engine, after which proceed to beat the boss’ actual HP bar.

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    In a nutshell, the huge draconian monster has three attackable parts from the battlefield. It has two hands along with a central "engine." The objective would be to defeat every aspect to expose the particular dragon's body that may be damaged easily. However, this is easier said than done because the beast dishes out attacks that hit the whole party. Players should first concentrate on setting up March 7's defensive skill to shield all players through the fight.

    As for his attacks: Disaster's Right Hand (gold) deals with Imaginary attacks and it is weak to March 7's Ice and Himeko's Fire damage. On the other hand, Dawn's Left Hand (Blue) deals Quantum damage and it is vulnerable to Fire and Dan Heng's Wind. The Antimatter Engine, meanwhile, is weak to Physical (that the protagonist focuses on) and Fire. Focusing on getting one part at any given time with the appropriate elements is recommended to cause Weakness Break.

    Tips for Defeating Doomsday Beast in Honkai Star Rail

    The Doomsday Beast's attacks can be fatal after a couple of turns early in the battle should you let it be. You can try to slow down by opting for weakness breaks against its parts of the body.

    If you're in your first battle with the boss, the default party (Trailblazer, Dan Heng, March 7th, and Himeko (Trial)) ought to be enough to do weakness breaks around the Doomsday Beast!

    Doomsday Beast will miss several turns once it's down, providing you with enough chances to deplete its HP. Use normal attacks only one time it's down, especially around the first phase, to save up Skill Points for that second phase or your DPS to allow them to use their skills. It will be easier to find the upper hand and end the battle quickly by doing this!

    Having one Abundance or Preservation character can help your team survive the Doomsday Beast's onslaught. Abundance characters usually heal teammates, while Preservation characters mostly provide shields or defense buffs. If you want to learn more about Honkai: Star Rail, MMOWTS is here and it offers honkai star rail accounts.