We provide an easy-to-use trading platform

  • We provide an easy-to-use trading platform



    The founder team of GooBit consists of the best experts in the fields of finance, web development and high-frequency algorithm trading.

    GooBit is an international digital currency exchange established in 2017 and registered in the Seychelles.


    GooBit aims to create a 100% transparent digital trading experience for customers.


    We provide an easy-to-use trading platform and are committed to educating our customers.


    Our company attracts successful and profitable traders. They have a large trading volume and are able to earn profits for their customers. It is our pleasure.

    Our value

    01 Customer: Providing the best customer service is our aim. There are more than 50 account managers dedicated to serving customers to meet their needs

    02 Reliability: As an industry leader, we provide customers with more protection. We do more and better than anyone else to meet the needs of our customers.

    03 Convenience: We provide a simple trading platform so that everyone can become a trader. GooBit is compatible with all current computer platforms: webpage, Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad and Android.

    04 Speed: We use cutting-edge technology to provide the fastest transactions, and the operation of the user interface will not be delayed or interrupted.


    Our trading platform is available on all devices

    Security standards

    Verified by Visa and MasterCard

    All data is encrypted with the strongest cryptographic algorithm

    Accurate quotation

    Real-time market data provided by leading analytical agencies

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