MBA Students Reveal How Online Learning Is Working During Covid

  • Covid-19 has turned business school programs upside down. The persistence of the virus, social-distancing requirements, and travel restrictions keep many campuses shuttered or barely open. Remote learning robs students of valuable networking opportunities. Professors and students try hard to adapt. Schools struggle to meet their costs and justify their tuition.To get more news about Best MBA program in China, you can visit official website.

    How do we rank B-Schools in such an environment? We don't. Instead we focus on getting the B-School community back on its feet. We ask: What's working, what's not, and how would you like B-School education to change now and when it emerges from a global pandemic. To find answers, we surveyed 3,532 MBA students from 95 schools around the world. The results surprised us.

    Despite the uproar when schools shifted to online teaching, half the students would be willing to take a portion of their courses online in exchange for tuition cuts. Professors actually received high marks for their virtual classes, and recorded classes were popular. Yet overall satisfaction with the online experience scored somewhat negative. Most upset, our survey finds, were international students and students from the most expensive schools. The first-hand feedback from students who experienced the sudden shift to online learning can teach all of us valuable lessons about what higher education could look like—and cost—in a post-pandemic world.