Winning $2 million lottery ticket sold in Mesa remains unclaime

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    Arizona Lottery State officials said the ticket was for The Pick and has a prize of $2,100,000. It was sold at Albertsons at 9243 E. Baseline Road. Saturday's winning numbers were 4,6,22,35,42,44. Another big winning ticket sold in Arizona has also gone unclaimed. Lottery officials say the ticket was a winning $83,000 Fantasy 5 jackpot also sold on Saturday, Oct. 10. This winning ticket was sold at Love's Country Store at 820 W. Pima Road in Gila Bend. Saturday's winning Fantasy 5 numbers 4,9,12,31,40.

    The three Jaafar men are the state's top three lottery winners between July 27 and Oct. 9, together winning a total of 604 times for more than $970,000, records show. Four hundred and sixty-four of the Jaafar family's wins in that period were made after Aug. 14, the day the lottery sent letters to frequent winners alerting them to the new policy. This total includes the family's significant winnings on Sept. 5. Within that single day, the three men won 33 times for a total of $35,500 in places all around the state.

    Ali Jaafar purchased his winning tickets that day in Oak Bluffs, Lexington, Chelsea, Everett, Revere, Somerville and West Roxbury. 2018 will be a memorable one for the Jaafars. The trio has won close to $3 million so far this year, with more than 2,000 wins in over 700 locations. They have won the lottery in 40 percent of the state's towns and cities where the lottery can be played. "I don't want to speak. Nor do I care what you guys have to make up," Ali Jaafar told a reporter Wednesday morning before hanging up his phone. He asked the reporter not to call again before hanging up a third time.