The Process of Plasma Spray Coating

  • Plasma Spray is a part of the entire process of thermal coating. The process is carried out using a plasma jet to inject the particles which form the coating on the equipments. In order to produce the plasma jet, a mixture of gases is heated with high temperature and is passed through a powerful electric arc. This whole process of plasma spray coating is crucial since it is used to form coatings on various tools and machinery which are a part of the manufacturing process.   

    The coating is not exactly in solid form when it is sprayed on the substance. They are melted semi-solid in shape which turns rigid once it gets in contact with the atmosphere. The splats of coatings should cover the entire surface of the equipment with the right thickness. These coatings are used on various equipments like valves, pumps and even butterfly valve coating. There are few voids present inside the metal which can affect the metal strength of the equipments.

    The properties of the substrate are also an important element which needs to be considered before coating. This is because in plasma spray coating many times the new coatings are sprayed over the existing ones while sometimes the coatings are completely fresh. Apart from that, the temperature at which the particles get in contact with the substrate also plays an important role. This determines the grip of the coatings over the tools and equipments. Preferably, coatings should form a disc shape after getting in contact with the substrate. This advances the grip of the coatings on the material and reduces void space.

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