ISO 14001 case study: Waste management in a construction compan


    ISO 14001 Certification in Saudi Arabia waste management could be a vital topic for any construction company, considering the Brobdingnag Ian amounts of waste gift on each construction website. Besides being an excellent nuisance, the waste is a supply of hazards and money expenses – not solely thanks to potential fines, however additionally as a symptom of non-optimized processes. ISO 14001 consultant in Saudi Arabia provides a framework for effective waste handling that may facilitate organizations if to not decrease their quantity of waste, to a minimum of handle it properly and understand value savings on construction sites.


    Case study

    A client of mine – let’s name it XYZ Company – usually constructs concerning ten homes annually. the development sites square measure scattered, and also the vogue and size of every house tend to be different. XYZ Company employs ten folks throughout the development of every house. the corporate manages its construction waste by having 30-cubic-yard instrumentation placed on every website at the start of the development method. This case study can follow XYZ Company through the method and investigate however value-effective it'd be for the corporate to manage construction wastes a lot of closely.

    Gathering data Rather than conducting an intensive waste-generation audit, XYZ Company can use a short-cut technique. analysis on construction rubbish has shown that concerning seventy-five % of this material is cardboard, wood, and gypsum, whereas the remainder of the waste includes paints, oils, bitumen, and similar waste.


    ISO 14001 Implementation in Saudi Arabia Through telephony to the native solid waste agency, the corporate learns that the county operates an intensive exercise and waste disposal facility. At the company’s request, a pamphlet is armored to the workplace, listing data on state and native laws regarding construction wastes. additionally, the pamphlet lists disposal fees for varied materials and additionally mentions disposal alternatives accessible at the county construction and demolition waste process and transfer facility.


    Through one telephony, the corporate has known choices for 2 of the 3 materials it's targeted for lower-priced disposal alternatives. when creating many a lot of phone calls and asking different home builders, materials suppliers, and subcontractors concerning their practices, the corporate is in a position to spot disposal various for scrap drywall.



    Developing waste management

    Before implementation of ISO 14001 Services in Saudi Arabia and a waste-management method, the corporate accustomed pay its waste haulers an explicit fee, however, the county solid waste authority accepted cardboard and every one metal freed from charge, with a major discount on disposal of untreated wood and different waste construction materials, like plastic, gypsum, carpeting, and treated wood. to attain value effectiveness, the corporate has to kind its waste and deploy the county solid waste authority. By implementing ISO 14001, it developed a waste-managing method that may facilitate in achieving this objective. For a lot of data concerning handling waste, see seven steps in handling waste in keeping with ISO 14001.


    The main objectives of the waste-management method were to:


    1. reduce/mitigate the environmental impact.
    2. comply with laws and laws.
    3. comply with ISO 14001 Certification in Dubai by developing an associate Environmental Management System.
    4. The company developed a tenet for handling construction waste that outlined that the waste would initially be sorted into 2 categories: venturesome and non-hazardous waste. Waste exhibiting flammability, toxicity, corrosiveness, or reactivity would be thought of venturesome waste and would need special handling, storage, use, and disposal precautions. Such waste enclosed paints, oils, bitumen, batteries, and different chemicals used on the development website. These forms of waste are kept on an individual basis, in keeping with applicable laws, and deployed to licensed organizations whereas the corporate recorded the quantity of the deployed waste.



    Reducing environmental impact and price on a construction website

    As declared higher than, if an organization will manage the waste on the development website, it will nearly definitely scale back value and increase profit margins. ISO 14001 consultant in Dubai make certain you perceive the terms of the quality and make sure that the reduction of waste plays a part a neighborhood a square measure a district region a locality a vicinity a section in high management’s thinking once the environmental objectives are thought of. it's thought of smart apply to ascertain a watching method to live waste and drive enhancements that scale back waste, additionally as guaranteeing that your organization meets its legislative needs in terms of collection and disposing of – all tasks that facilitate the atmosphere, cut costs, and make sure that no fines are levied on you thanks to non-compliance with legislation.

    ISO 14001 Implementation in Dubai Whether you opt to use the associate improvement team, a monthly forum, or just have interaction with your staff one by one for suggestions, most of the foremost economical firms will determine and scale back areas of waste, each within the offer chain and internally. With the development business and its product having a higher-than-average impact on the atmosphere, finding and eliminating this waste is a positive issue for all stakeholders.


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