Lovegra Tablets UK reignites the love lives of elderly women

  • After a lady crosses the age of 40, she experiences multiple changes in her body. She experiences hormonal changes, premenopausal side effects, stress, anxiety, irritation and reduced libido. Lovegra Tablets (Female Viagra) is a superior pharmaceutical solution from a category of medication called PDE 5 vasodilators which improves the inclination for intercourse among them. This Sildenafil loaded medication eases the flow of blood to their genitalia, lubricates their private parts and creates the desire among them to indulge in love making with their male partner. This pill should only be taken after the approval of a physician. Pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers should stay away from it. The normal dose of this medication is 1 tablet a day.

    Women with any form of preexisting medical complications must consult a board-certified health care expert prior to its use. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must seek the opinion of their family physician before its consumption. Women allergic to the use of Sildenafil Citrate medication should postpone its use. Avoid any form of abuse or misuse, and don’t blend Lovegra Tablets UK with intoxicating drinks and recreational drugs.

    Some time back, women felt embarrassed in going to an over the counter store to buy any libido-enhancing drug. The naughty glance and the inquisitive reaction of the shopkeeper used to make them uncomfortable. The easy availability of this medicine on the portals of has offered women an opportunity to buy Lovegra Tablets online without a doctor’s prescription. Besides selling authentic medication, they also deliver the medicine at the doorstep of the buyers in a discreet packaging. Women can easily order this medication from the privacy of their home and expect the same within their hands in 3-5 hands.  Plain packaging further ensures that neither the delivery executive nor your next-door neighbor comes to know about it.