Details Of The Basket Mold Manufacturing Process


    We are one of the professional plastic mold manufacturers, among which Basket Moulds are our products. We are specialized in manufacturing various plastic basket molds. Including plastic fruit basket mould, vegetable basket mould, plastic shopping basket mould, plastic laundry basket mould, plastic drain basket mould, plastic folding fruit basket mould, handheld plastic basket mould, etc.
    After making many plastic basket molds, we have accumulated some experience.
    In the manufacturing process, in order to obtain better cooling and high-speed injection molding, we tend to use beryllium copper on the top of the plastic basket core.
    Regarding the cooling of the plastic basket mold: Usually, we will use circulating water to improve product quality and model efficiency.
    By analyzing the structure of the plastic basket mold and all aspects of the product structure (including: the miniature of the product surface, the design of the plastic mold release and exhaust system, the design of the gate system, the design of the cooling system), we will do more in most cases The important points of this test and the points that are easy to appear when making the mold structure.
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