Do you want an open kitchen?

  • Open kitchen is a popular topic in recent years, the warm air is very popular with young people at the time, but also facilitate the exchange of the same, but the open kitchen also has a lot of problems, such as grease and noise, etc., then, in the end, should do open kitchen?

    Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of open kitchens.

    Advantage 1: Save time space and cost

    The most intuitive advantage of 開放式廚房設計open kitchen development is that it can save time space, clever and reasonable use of network space, the dining room and kitchen connected, and even appear to have is the kitchen restaurant living room the whole business is for one, a greatimpact degree of saving the work space, and save the cost of building and renovating the kitchen walls, very suitable for small households.

    Advantage 2: cooking development space is more open, cooking experience can be better

    Generally closed kitchen is more or less crowded and depressing, 腳踏垃圾桶while open kitchen is connected to the dining room, the space is bright and open, and the ventilation effect of closed kitchen is poor. Especially in summer, making a meal can give two pounds of sweat, it is cooking with life, open kitchen will not have these problems.

    Advantage 3: convenient and safe

    Compared with the closed kitchen, the open sofa hkkitchen is more convenient because it is integrated with the dining room, especially for families with babies. Mothers are always worried about the safety of their babies when cooking, and an open kitchen not only allows mothers to take care of their babies, but also to interact with them.

    Of course, the disadvantages of an open kitchen are obvious: 1.

    1. Easy to cause fumes, noise problems and smell

    Cooking fumes, noise and smell are an obvious problem, and the kitchen has always been a messy representative place that needs to be carefully cleaned every time you cook, otherwise it will affect the overall cleanliness and beauty.

    2. Not convenient for cooking

    In general, open kitchens are not suitable for frying, otherwise the sofa hkfumes will float all over the room, and the carbon dioxide in the fumes is a harmful gas that will affect health, not suitable for stewing, and the steam from stewing will easily damage furniture and appliances.

    3. Not suitable for families with pets

    Open kitchen and furry pets do not fit. Pet shedding would have been all over the house, and active animals like to jump up and down, especially cats. If you don't pay attention to them, they will make a mess and not only make a mess of the kitchen, but also steal food.

    In short, you have to choose whether to install an open kitchen according to the students' own homeschooling situation.


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