What are the technical parameters of the single bead embroidery


    When the sequins embroidery machine needs to embroider objects of different sizes, the bead drive structure and the bead guide frame need to be dismantled and re-installed. The whole process becomes cumbersome and reduces efficiency.

    Long-term dismantling and installation will result in the embroidery machine not being fine enough, and the products embroidered by the single bead embroidery machine are not high enough in quality to meet the needs of the existing market.

    Because the single bead embroidery machine has the characteristics of rich layers, bright colors, elegant patterns, and fashion, it is widely loved by people, and because double bead embroidery has a stronger three-dimensional effect than ordinary single bead embroidery, double bead embroidery has recently The proportion of demand for single-sequin embroidery continues to rise, and ordinary single-sequin computerized embroidery machines need to stop to replace the sequins and adjust the sequin-feeding mechanism when embroidering double-sequin embroidery, resulting in low production efficiency and affecting product quality.

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