What is a process essay: steps to write it?

  • A process essay is similar to an instruction manual or, in other words, how to write my essay. The goal is to meet the end goal and you have to define the steps needed to get there.

    A good process essay covers everything from the tools needed to carry out the task to the steps in sequence. For instance, a process essay to bake a chocolate cake would start by mentioning the ingredients, preparation time, cooking time, and the steps to prepare, bake, and decorate.

    The steps to craft an interesting and informative process essay are as follows:

    Come up with a topic

    If the teacher hasn’t assigned you a topic, brainstorm different ideas and go with the one that excites you the most. It could be anything from how to make friends in college to how to help me write my essay.

    Understand the target audience

    For such an essay, you need to determine your audience and understand their level. How informed are they about the topic? do you need to start from the basics or only discuss the specific parts?

    Make a list of tools

    Before getting on with the writing, gather the materials needed to carry out the task. For instance, all the ingredients needed to bake a cake.

    Create an outline

    Having an outline is important to keep your ideas organized.

    Start with an introduction that discusses the task, its origin, and its importance. State the material needed to help write my essay.

    Next, the body must present the step by step process of performing the task at hand. Provide the reader with enough details so that they can easily reach the end result.

    End the essay by sharing your experience when performing the task.

    Remember that your aim is to provide the best process for a given task. No one will be interested to read about a process that they are already aware of. Become a lifehack for them, talk about what could go wrong and how to fix it.

    Don’t forget to write the process in an active voice.

    Process Essay Topics

    Here are some interesting topics for your first essay. Go with the one that excites you the most; you don’t have to stick to the same topic "write my essay help", mold it according to your preference.

    How can you get rid of addiction through meditation?

    How does caffeine make you active?

    How can we get out of the writer’s block?

    Steps to groom your pets at home.

    How to start your own business?

    How to impress your job interviewers?

    How to plan a trip to Europe?

    How to decide what subject to study in college?

    How to get rid of insomnia?

    How can we teach a kid to be responsible?

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