Follow the Apollo launches 'in real-time' as if you were in NAS

  • Now you can live, as if you were experiencing them in real-time, the most famous Apollo missions in history.

    If you could not live one of the most famous Apollo missions in the history of Humanity, such as Apollo 11 that marked the arrival of man on the Moon, or the memorable ones of Apollo 13 or even Apollo 17, now you can.
    And is that thanks to the website apolloinrealtime, a project funded by NASA itself that includes real-time explorations of the Apollo 11, Apollo 13, and Apollo 17 missions, you will be able to live practically as if you were live each of the steps of these missions with transcripts, also images and even videos.

    This page has been created by NASA software historian engineer Ben Feist, but also in conjunction with a dedicated team of historians, audio, film, audiovisual effects experts, and researchers of all stripes who have collaborated and restored images and audio. of these missions.
    What makes this page very special is that you can enter each of these Apollo missions and live them step by step, either from the beginning or also jumping at the moment you consider appropriate through the interface.

    Although you will be required to have a good command of English, and to know very well what you are playing through an interface that is not simple at all, yes that through it you will be able to consult videos, captures, transcripts, and the Step by step of the missions, being able to jump from one moment to another living the most important events with all the pressure of the moment.
    Each of the photographs has been inserted when they were actually taken together under a film taken by the astronauts themselves during the flight. In total, we have more than 7,200 hours of 50 different mission control audio channels that are perfectly synchronized so that the user does not lose detail.

    You will be able to live historical moments like when the famous words pronounced by Lovell of “ Houston, we have a problem ” happened or of Haise when he says “ I did not think that I would return here so soon ”.

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