Benefits of garlic with yogurt

  • Sewar Mahmoud
    Benefits of garlic with yogurt
    It works to strengthen the immune system. Transforms

    Without high cholesterol.

    It protects against infections such as:

    Cancers and tumors, as well as infections

    Yeast, and colds. Rich in quantities

    Abundant of some nutrients

    Such as protein and especially BB

    Vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorous,

    And folic acid. Fights against signs

    Aging like wrinkles and fine threads,

    So for his richness in vitamin BB. Limits progress

    And vaginal cancer developed in women.

    Maintains healthy blood vessels,

    It protects it from the accumulation of fat around it
    Fat accumulated on the walls of the vessels

    Bloody, increases the possibility of infection

    Heart and brain attacks, as well
    heart attack.

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