The narrative itself is almost a beat-for-beat repeat

  • Diablo Immortal picks up where Diablo II started. To prevent the demon lord Diablo and his crew from invading the fantasy world of Sanctuary, the archangel Tyrael cheap Diablo IV Gold destroyed the Worldstone as an artifact that demonstrates incredible power. Now, the rest of the forces from Hell are searching for fragments of Worldstone to serve their own reasons. As a brave adventurer, you work with fellow scholar Deckard Cain to gather the Worldstone fragments and eliminate them, before a new demon lord called Skarn will get his hands on them.

    I'm in two minds regarding the storyline in Diablo Immortal. On one handit's got an abundance of respect for the history of the series it picks up right where Diablo II ended and establishing the scene for the events to come when you play Diablo III. The game will provide a deeper understanding of the cities and civilizations of Sanctuary and fans who have played for a long time will be delighted to see cameos from characters like Xul the Necromancer and King Leoric of Tristram.

    However, the narrative itself is almost a beat-for-beat repeat the storyline of Diablo II. The game will help you assist a troop of woodland rogues. You'll also reassemble legendary weapons at the edge of the desert fight off hostile Shamans in a swamp and climb the mountains with barbariansIf the game is Diablo II, you've literally done all of this before. The new story beats consist of "find the MacGuffin then destroy that MacGuffin" repeated at least four times. I'm also wondering if Blizzard will utilize this formula to buy cheap Diablo IV Gold introduce new areas to the game in the near future.