As The Game Awards 2022 showcase only one

  • The official Twitter account of Diablo recently updated Diablo IV Gold its profile picture and shared the latest teaser trailer, where it warns users about the arrival of Lilith, all contributing to the possibility of an announcement from Blizzard regarding the game over the next few days. This could be revealed Diablo 4's launch date.

    As The Game Awards 2022 showcase only one or two weeks away, more publishers and developers confirm that they will attend the ceremony in which they will show new trailers from their upcoming projects. Diablo 4 is one of the games that many insiders expect to be featured in The Game Awards 2022, and now it appears the predictions were not unfounded.

    As each day passes is more likely that we'll end up getting an important Diablo 4 announcement. Furthermore, since The Game Awards is now only a few days away, it's possible that the announcement will just take place at the event. While there's no official announcement from Blizzard, multiple sources appear to be extremely confident regarding this.

    According to Insider Gaming, "this is still the case, over 100 journalists will have the opportunity to see the behind-the scenes presentation as well being able to try out the game. The embargo is expected to lift for the event and hands-on impressions will be lifted on 7 December.

    "During the presentation, Rod Fergusson invited all presenters to view cheap Diablo IV Gold The Game Awards as they'll be [making] some announcements."