Search the crates in the middle of the room

  • Part 1

    Items needed: None. RuneScape gold But, there are a few that we advise taking such as lock picks for the cell's entrance, food high in healing, knife for free healing off of the already mentioned pineapple plants and an alternative to poison protection. If you're lucky enough go for them all, we'll thank you later!

    Caranock speaks with the foreman.

    Take note that if you'd like to replenish your inventory then you can either flee or teleport to Ape Atoll at any point. While you'll be human, all creatures (except that of level 5 Birds) are likely to strike if you get near them. You can avoid poisonous snakes and spiders by taking the route west of the southern shore of Ape Atoll. If you decide to take this path and somehow encounter a snake, you can stay clear of it by waiting for it to pass.

    When you reach the Atoll, head towards the west. Then stick towards the southern coast. Once you have reached the mahogany tree, follow direction to the north. Make sure you are prepared, as you may be assaulted by aggressive level 38 scorpions or level 42 jungle spiders, and snakes of level 24. You should consider activating Protect from Missiles once your reach the Ape Atoll gate, as the poisoned arrows will start hitting you in the face. Once you've reached your destination, you'll be removed and escorted into a jail cell. Aberan Trefaji and Trefaji will be the security guards who are guarding the cells in which you'll be sleeping. They will also have prisoners 10th Squad members. Contact one in particular. The name of the person is Lumo. If you step too close to the wall that runs across the northern part of the cell the guards might strike you to inflict some harm. Keep a close eye on security guards that guard the cell. Once the guard closest to the cell moves away from the entrance, open the off the lock and leave. The guard should leave to switch, then walk behind him to reach the exit. Don't worry if you fail on the first attempt, because it could take several attempts.

    After you've escaped from the prison, continue to travel east until you find one of the 10th Squad, named Karam. Karam is hidden in the bushes and is difficult to locate So be careful. Stay in the jungle grass and continue south, just past the door that is large. While it is possible to help you stay safe but you must consider activating Protect from Missiles to avoid any unnecessary injury caused by the monkey archers. Follow the southward direction until you can meet Sergeant Garkor from the 10th Squad, named Garkor.

    Garkor's Location can be seen in blue.

    When you are talking to Garkor Be sure not to finish the conversation before the point where he instructs you to go to Zooknock. Keep the Protect from Missiles on and follow the north-facing path until you come to the doorway.

    When you enter the house be sure to not leave the dark brown dirt, or you could be in jail in the future. Inside , you'll be assaulted by deadly and aggressive spiders. You should take your antipoisons with you as their poison only hits 1. You may choose bananas as alternatives. They are available in the crates near the ladder.

    The jail's layout.

    Search the crates in cheap OSRS gold the middle of the room , and take out the dentures of a monkey. Do not forget to remain on the dark brown dirt. The sleeping guard will call the guards if you decide to speak with him. If he doesn't, he will pose no threat.