Jagex claims it will be sending

  • This will not be RuneScape gold Old School RuneScape, a version that's based off a build of 2007. That's been available on iOS and Android since the year 2018. It's the complete RuneScape that Jagex has been continuously in the last 20 years.

    There's no doubt that there's a demand for RuneScape for both iOS as well as Android. Over 1.8 million players have pre-registered for those versions, which have an intuitive user interface that's mobile-friendly with improved menus, icons and menus text and textures. Combat mechanics are also tweaked for iOS in addition to Android.

    The company has registered two trademarks in the UK One trademark is for "OSRS Gold" and another in the name of "RS Gold" in addition to noting that the company has registered the use of the terms as words. This is likely to stop websites that are not affiliated with the company from being able to advertise that they sell RS Gold.

    A quick Google search of the terms will bring up a myriad of websites, majority of them having one of the terms listed in their URL, that offer currencies in RuneScape with real money. This followed the news on the 13th of October that Jagex is putting an end with "real-world trading". In a blog post posted to their website "The RuneScape Team" stated that "gold bought through RWT real-world trading can be a problem in any online game with a traded currency."

    Jagex claims it will be sending "messages to those who we've identified as being involved in"RWT" within "the coming hours". "For anyone involved, we'd like to be clear - this is the one und only caution," the company added.

    Additionally, it was announced regarding the games PvP mode, Duel Arena, would undergo sweeping changes, including stricter enforcement of Buy OSRS gold the game's code of conduct in order to encourage more positive game play. Jagex says the feature "has become a focal point for this type of behavior".