Buzbee announces more women are coming forward with stories

  • The lawyer also Madden 23 coins said that seven additional women were filing suit against Watson. The following day, March 18. the third most serious suit against Watson had been filed. A massage therapist claimed Watson sexually physically assaulted her at an office building in December of 2020. requiring her to undergo oral sex for Watson.

    According to details from the lawsuit filed, it's claimed that the massage therapist currently living in Oregon was "coerced and intimidated by Watson and Watson "move her mouth toward her penis, forcing Plaintiff to engage in oral sex with him. Plaintiff was not in agreement with any of this conduct. Plaintiff was black for a few seconds due to the fear."

    The suit also details trauma that was caused by the incident. After the third lawsuit, Madden NFL 23 began to take action, assigning the senior vice president Lisa Friel as lead investigator into the incident. Friel has recently assumed the same role for the league in the year 2019. investigating allegations against the receiver Antonio Brown. However, details about the NFL's "probe" on Watson were limited and didn't provide any details about the procedure for conducting it, or whether Watson was to be removed from playing in the league pending the results of the probe. This probe is still underway.

    Buzbee announces buy mut 23 coins more women are coming forward with stories