One of the most visible additions to your

  • One of FIFA 23 Coins the most visible additions to your attacking arsenal, but it's the power shot. It is exactly what it says on the packaging. Hold down the shoulder buttons while you shoot, and the person who is in control will launch an impressive shot that looks like it could take somebody's head off.

    If you're one-on one with the 'keeper these undoubtedly increase your chance of scoring, however aiming is switched to manual once you're winding one up as it's easy to larrup them out for a throw-in if you're not sure.

    They also take longer be able to get off than regular shots, allowing defenses to put a block in as the camera zooms in slightly to warn your opponent what you're up to, meaning that they're far from being a sure-fire goal.

    Set pieces now require an understanding of the basics of physical physics, with the game giving players full control of exactly where the player strikes the ball. It's easier to grasp corners than free kicks, where you need to be more exact to succeed and it's a lot more sense than the stick-flicking technique used in FIFA 22. Penalties have also been revamped by introducing a new time-based system that puts more pressure on the goalie in a way that is perhaps how this should go.

    However, FIFA 23 still has the potential to be excruciating. Goalkeepers will occasionally collapse in a heap rather than trying to make a save, while there are few things more annoying than being in a match with some dweeb on Seasons who buy FUT 23 Coins seems more interested in doing seemingly endlessly complicated moves and stepsovers rather than really playing the game.